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A New Path Forward

July 10, 2024

In the spring of 2024, our Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan for Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center that continues to be anchored by our efforts to prevent abuse, protect children, and heal families as we strive to have the greatest impact as an organization. The work on this plan began last summer when the leadership of Dee Norton was eager for a new strategic plan that was thoughtful, forward-looking, and data-driven—but additionally deeply rooted in our core values of compassion, collaboration, and commitment.

We sought a process that involved the voices of our leadership, board, partners, and funders. We knew there would be better outcomes if we worked together on a clear direction for our future. The compass became the visual representation of a successful plan.

With the guidance of our consultants at 1000 Feathers, we started with conversations with our staff, board members, community partners, and key donors. These conversations provided data and direction as we reviewed and refined our vision, mission, and core values. The collaborative process led us to identify three areas where we, as an organization, have decided to fully invest time, talent, and resources to operate at our highest level of impact and contribution. As we incorporate these strategies into practice this summer, we affirm that the children and families we serve remain the center of our work, and we recognize that to have the grandest impact—we need to extend our efforts to the organizational, community, and system levels.

I am excited to share the full strategic plan here.


Beverly Hutchison, Executive Director

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