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Parents & Caregivers

Parents & Caregivers

Strategies for Parents and Caregivers to Support Children When They Speak Up About Abuse

To empower children in the community to come forward with disclosing abuse, Dee Norton is offering strategies for parents and caregivers to support their child(ren) [...]

Parents & Caregivers

Guidelines to Help Youth and Families after Episodes of Gun Violence

Tragically, shootings have become a frequent occurrence in our nation and our communities. The trauma experienced after a shooting, along with other experiences of violence, [...]

Parents & Caregivers

What Parents Can do Today to Help Protect their Children from Abuse

Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center is the region’s leading resource to prevent abuse, protect children and heal families. Ahead of Child Abuse Prevention Month in [...]


Pledge to Prevent Child Abuse


Keeping kids safe online during COVID-19

CHARLESTON, S.C. May 19, 2020 — People are spending more time online than ever. At the same time, kids are also at a greater risk [...]

Parents & Caregivers

Advocates and teachers turn to technology to recognize and prevent child abuse

CHARLESTON, S.C. April 24, 2020 – Officials say the coronavirus pandemic has put children at a higher risk for abuse. However, school districts and child [...]

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