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Keeping kids safe online during COVID-19

March 25, 2021

People are spending more time online than ever.

At the same time, kids are also at a greater risk of predators.

Between e-learning and social media, kids are logging more screen time these days. It’s created even more of an opportunity for online predators to target and exploit children.

Safety experts urge parents and caregivers to remain vigilant, even though digital norms may have shifted.

Dr. Carole Swiecick, executive director of the Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center, said parents should treat a child’s online environment just like the physical environment. She said communication is key and recommends starting it early and often.

“It’s not a one-time conversation. It’s starting the conversation and saying, ‘hey, if you get a DM or you see something online and you’re like, I don’t know about this, talk to me about it, bring it to me, let’s talk about these things,’” Swiecick said. “Teens are curious, and preteens are curious about that but they don’t necessarily want to find out about it from strangers or from some website. They actually want to know what their parents think about these things.”

For a list of helpful safety tips, click here.

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